Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the day you were born... Part II

We are the Sagitarians' brotherhood. Ija, Acis and me. The day we are born into this world are only a few days apart, albeit born on different year. But we are worlds apart, in size, demeanor and style. Most of the time, we do not seem like sharing the same blood in our veins.

Ija is the third in the family and he was Ngah's favourite (she doesn't have kids of her own). He is small, unlike me and Acis, but he does things his own way. Not the most talkative (pendiam sebenarnya), or the most friendly, since he was young he showed the classic syndrome of the middle child (refer here and here). Dad brings him along with Angah to be schooled in the middle of the country, until he was offered a place in a religious boarding school for his secondary education.

He changed school afterwards to a science stream and pursued his tertiary education in polymer engineering (or something). He seems a bit cold toward the family, seeking refuge I suspect in the company of friends rather than family. He is snapped up for employment not long after graduation, not afraid to get his hands dirty in the process in getting knowledge and experience. Then when he dropped the notion that he wants to get married, we were quite shocked. He doesn't seem like the kind who dated.

He is still berat mulut to this day, but with three beautiful kids, he wont stay that way for long. Good for you, bro.

Here's to celebrating life, Uda. I wish all the best in life for you, Ina and the kids. Take care, Bro...


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