Saturday, November 08, 2008

Have box will travel...

Most of the things that we have around us, came with a box. well, you might never the box your car was shipped in, but the parts of the car originally came in a box. the rowing boat that I use once upon a time, of course, came in a box. And Scotty too, most probably before I lay my hands on it.

Being boxed up, make it easier and bearable (especially for the courier and transport people). If you are moving house also, it makes it easier to keep track of the family heirloom and personal belonging. It also makes arranging and stacking them up so much easier. Ask me, I'm moving house soon.

Anyway, a bicycle is not the easiest thing to transport. Well, unless if you consider riding it to your destination, which would make transporting a bike easy (not so, if the place is on the other side of the earth that is). So, when I was going to Sabah for three odd weeks a couple of years back, the most sensible thing to do is to bring Scotty along.

So, how do I get Scotty and back? What else, chuck him in a box. After all, all bikes came to the shop in a box, so I pester Abg Amir of the Yellow Bicycle Shop (my favourite mechanic) to pack Scotty for me. He got the right sized box, and he taught me how to do it on my own, pointing out what to secure, what to take out, where to pad, so on and so forth.

So for the trip to Sabah, Scotty took the train to Johor Bahru (adventure la sikit.. actually the flight ticket is cheaper there even after factoring train tickets) where we board a plane to KK. I worry for Scotty, so we put as many 'FRAGILE' stickers as we can on the box, and hope for the best. He escape unscathed, and he roamed KK all the way to Karambunai in all the three weeks Scotty is there.

Fast forward 2008. I am going back to my hometown tonight. On a bus. And I have Scotty with me. Nope, he's not boxed in. He is bagged in. I just got my new (2nd hand) bike bag today. Makes packing and traveling much easier. Nasib baik bas penuh, kalau tak dah aku bawak naik atas punya...

So, how do you transport your bike?

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