Sunday, November 09, 2008

Latvija Pekina

On Thursday I was honored to be in the company of Mr Aldons Vrublevskis, the President of the Latvian Olympic Comittee. Some sort of the Latvian Tunku Imran. We first communicated a two weeks back thru email when he expressed his interest to visit our small organization as he would be in town for a convention.

My first encounter with anything Latvian came in the form of the lovely Ms Veronika Fedotova who visited us early this year. She shared some information regarding her work which do not differ much from what we do. And Mr V's visit is to continue where she left off, specifically to get more information and exchange ideas in sports biomechanics, sports medicine and sports nutrition.

With most of the bosses are away for the WEC, RoboMorf is kind enough to accompany Mr V on his short tour of the organization. We had good discussion all around and shared many of the similarities in our work. He shared his views on sports science, which he says is the key to sporting excellence. We could not agree enough.

Before he left, he presented us with a book, entitled Latvija Pekina which chronicles the 47 athletes who takes part in the Beijing Summer Olympics. Exclusive behind the scenes pictures. Latvia came back with a gold, a silver and a bronze where fittingly the BMX Olympic gold medallist, Maris Stromberg, is featured on the cover page. 

Maybe, we could do a similar coffee table pictorials for our Olympians. Maybe Datuk LCW could feature on the cover?

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