Thursday, November 06, 2008

And if you think you can, think again...

As i sit in my office, my eyes are on Scotty. And the thought of my next ride. Hmm, as CH might want to ride to work starting tomorrow, it makes sense to ride back from the office, maybe at 530pm. That sounded like a good idea until it rained at around 3pm. Hmm, it seems that the idea will have to be re-evaluated, pending the weather condition later.

Suddenly some last minute work means that the planned ride home needs to be delayed. Even if the weather is OK. Hmmph! No problem, I'll just go back home and ride later, most probably in Pjaya. Maybe an hour ride around Pjaya. That seems fair, as the ride home usually took almost the same time (due to the killer one kilo climb)

Bundled Scotty in the car, and brave the traffic home which surprisingly is not too bad today. Reach home and plan to grab a bite before riding to Pjaya at around eightish. As moi was preparing, thunder is heard in the distance. Peeked outside and saw dark clouds. Ceh. Then, as if on cue it starts to drizzle. Double ceh!

Moral of the story is : Grab the first riding opportunity that came your way. especially if you are a professional (procrastinator) like me.

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