Thursday, November 13, 2008

And be careful CH, the roads are still quite wet

This week, CH and I planned to resume riding to work. We use to ride before but I stopped during the fasting month, which CH follow suit. So, last week, as he was in Genting we agreed to ride starting this week. Monday was cancelled, but I took the opportunity put in a ride on Tuesday afternoon

Today morning ride. We met at KFC and preceeded to ride together to work. CH starts strongly in front but at the inclines, I manage to put some distance with him. He speeds up on the flats where I chose to spin (small chainring) and maintains 24kmh. We did good time, and in 23mins we reached ASTRO. And at the incline on the way to TPM, is where CH is dropped. Can't help it :)

In the evening, its 6pm and I was surprised that CH is not at my office yet. We planned to ride back at that time. Its raining earlier, so I suppose that the roads are still wet (and could be slippery). CH asks whether it still rains, as he has never ride through the rain. I explained to him the difference is that extra alertness and earlier braking response. And be careful of the road lines as it could be very slippery after a shower.

As the ride home runs thru PUJ, it hill infested terrain make it a slow ride, but I was more content to survive it by spinning. CH just started riding back today, so at every incline, he was dropped. I asked him to hang on my wheels but it seems that inclines was not his forte, yet.  Especially on the 800m long 8% incline. No worries mate, we'll be cruising thru that hill in no time :)

Hmm... should I ride to work tomorrow or hitch a ride with CH and ride as planned on Friday? Let see tomorrow morning...

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