Monday, October 13, 2008

The week thats filled with two wheels...

Last week was filled with all thing cycling.

As I surf through the vast expanse of the Net, I came across a few local cycling site. I also found out that there is one bike shop near where I live and another one that is located along the way to work. I do need some new brake pads, some inner tubes, tires, new shoes and the list is endless. Maybe a new bike too, hahaha.

I got the brake pads and tubes in Serdang and planned to look for the Bianchi shop in Bangi. Not that I can afford even the cheapest of Bianchi, so its more of window shopping. Bike Xtreme is located in a new phase, and its a bit tricky to get there. Bob and Buji, the managers are friendly and even asked me to tag along for their Friday nights ride in Putrajaya.

As Nick plans to go pick up his bike on Friday, I told him that I wanna tag along. We went after lunch and I spend a little bit more on a patch kit, extra tube and... a new shoe. Does make me poorer by 250 dollars, even after all the discount. Did not I say that cycling is a wee bit expensive in this country? This are my bounty

With Scotty having new brake pads, spare tubes and patch kits its time to ride. What  else to do other than taking up Buji's offer on Friday night ride. If I remembers it correctly, he says they rolled out at 2100h from KTP. Make my way there, but bike groups are nowhere to be seen. No problem, I'll just take a short ride on my own. Its not like I've ever ridden with any group before.

A short one hour ride later, I am back in KTP. As I was packing up to go, a few cars came in and unload their bikes. A car stopped near me and someone asked me if I am going back already. It was Buji. He invited me to join them for a short ride. As it is still relatively early... why not. Seven of us rode, with two cars as the marshall. Got acquainted with Bob, Buji, Am, Nik, Yap and Pijan. Those guys are good :)

It was a good easy ride. They even asked me if I am interested to ride up to GS on Sunday, using the Gombak old road. I declined as I do think I need to put in enough mileage first before attempting something like that. Having said that, I still aspire to ride up GH on a bike. Just a bike. Maybe before I turn 40. Definitely doing that before I am 40. Hmmm...

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