Monday, October 13, 2008

An adventure of the gastronomic kind..

Yesterday was a busy day... especially for my stomach. With Eid just barely two weeks ago, the weekends are used to have an open house, a local tradition where relatives, friends and acquaintances take the opportunity to visit during the festive season. What is so great about these open houses? What else, the food of course.

With only four weekends in a month, the month of Syawal is filled with invitation to such events, either formally or informally (gatecrashing of course). In total, I got seven invitation yesterday, and I managed to get to five. Started at noon in KL (with Ed and bf), the gastronomic adventures continues until late at night. I even need to plan my eating to ensure i have enough 'space' left for the next house :)

Terima kasih daun keladi, Raya tahun depan ajak lagi...hehehe

ps. I would like to thank Ed, Syahrul and Ruby, Molly and Zaki, Scooby and Firdaus, Nadzrin and Ana and not forgetting Maya and family. Sorry Big, could not attend yours as it was too late to drop by

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