Thursday, October 16, 2008

An adventure of the gastronomic kind Part II

The Eid gastronomic adventure was not confined only towards the weekends, as weekdays are also not spared. Most companies/offices/businesses fete their staffs/clients and some invited guests during the weekdays. Last Thursday, one of the department in our organization held an Eid Open House (err, office would be apt I guest). The Boss, Bab, invited everybody, and in a way did put some pressure on Management as they are 'expected' to organise one for the whole organization.

Yesterday, the Main Office held its Eid Open house at one of the stadiums, from 1100 up til 1630. This would be the fourth time during my service, and the food is almost the same. But the main thing is, the event is a good social (and eating) event as we manage to meet some of our colleagues from some other agencies. I even met my future brother in law there (my sister's bf).

But as with these events where lots of foods are being consumed, it makes you wonder whether all the food are properly prepared as we did find some uncooked food. Maybe trying to cook it too fast? I have stomach discomfort last nite, and needs to be at my solitary 'throne' quite a few times. Nadz are down with diarrhea this morning and on medical leave. Hmm, could it be that its the killer 'otak-otak'?

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