Monday, October 13, 2008

Going up like a rabbit, coming down like a tortoise..

The fuel price hike early this year, has affected a lot of people. Although the hike is inevitable, the mechanism, quantum and timing of it could be better. For most of us, some kind of adjustment needs to be made ie using (sometimes unreliable) public transport, less eating out and finding alternative modes of transport.

This is one alternative mode of transport I saw a couple of weeks back on my way from office. Way cool eh? I found out that these motorised bikes cost up from 650 dollars. One website says that it could go up to 40kmh. Needs no registration with RTD, just some common sense when sharing the road with other (bigger) user, hehehe... Way cool bro!!

Hmm... I should really start cycling to work again... or maybe I could just wait until the price of oil, goes down further (as at last week below USD85)

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