Wednesday, October 08, 2008

To K & L it is then...

Finally I went to the bike shop yesterday. The story is, I actually went looking for it on Monday but when I finally found it (it was not exactly where it was said to be), it was already closed. So, need to go back there yesterday. Got there around 1845, enough time to browse, hehehe. Lots of stuff but limited selection for roadies. Anyway, got myself two pairs of brake pads and spare tube (never ride without one)

Spend the rest of the night replacing my worn brake pads, cleaning/degreasing and oiling Scotty (some TLC needed) moving parts, and some tinkering with brake settings and hods. Remind me that I would need a new brake caliper to replace the one in front.. its so old school (which I got for free, no complaints)

Met CH at the bulletin board today. He asked me when to start riding together again. We planned for next week on alternate days. Need to check with him on his favorite bike shop next time we meet. That means I got a few more days..

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