Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Too high a price

I am nearing the magical 100. It was only a few years back that I was on top, with single digit excess. I could always blame schooling and then working, which over the years has taken its toll on the body. Unfortunately, the fact remains that it is due years of my own neglect that allows it to happen.

In a way I was always lulled by a false sense of security, my strength is also my weakness that hides the imperfection in me. The memories of achievement of yesteryears are being played relentlessly, but a part still refused to accept the fact that it was nowhere near the height where it was once.

As the years passes by, rest assured it will be harder and harder. The first few steps are wobbly at best, with failure always lurking, and waiting to strike without notice. Giving up is easier. But I can't and should not be like the few who takes the easy way out and sell their souls. Unfortunately for some, the price has been too high. Too high indeed.

A journey of a thousand miles, starts with the first step...

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Paus Biru said...

Give it a rest, la. You look like hantu galah when skinny. as long as yr girls tak komplen, why worry?