Monday, October 20, 2008

And the heaven weeps...

Too often we take all around us for granted. We take our families, friends, colleagues, work, relationship even health down that path. Its when we lost them, only we realise that it could have been different if we treat all that matters to us differently.

A few of my closest lost their dearest this year. Sis lost Mama, and recently Lei lost his firstborn daughter, Aleiya. Sis witnesses Mama's deteriorating health over a few month due to a cancer relapse, where just months before the family are enjoying their vacation in Europe. She felt empty and helpless for not being able to do something about it. 

Lei lost her firstborn last Friday due to some complications during birth. I was told that his wife is so happy about the baby, and I do share their happiness. I was shocked to learn this morning that Baby Aleiya drowned during birth and was in ICU until the day she passed away. As much as we sympathized, I can only imagine what both families are going through, losing someone so dear to them.

Maybe as Coach mentioned, hopefully time will be the best healer. I hope he is right. Live life to the fullest with the people that matters the most to you. We have lots to look forward to. Create memories now, rather than wait. A small gesture will go a long way. My heart are with both of you, Sis and Lei.

Al-Fatihah for Mama and Baby Aleiya. May their soul rest in peace.

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