Sunday, July 06, 2008

When Fat-me meet Scotty

We go back a few years, Fat-me and Scotty.

When I first ran into Scotty, he was just lying there, incomplete. He's missing a handlebar (luckily the shifter is still intact) while the fork and the front tire is without trace. Some parts of the drivetrain needs to be replaced, as with the front brake.

Asked aaj, if its possible for me to rebuild it as in its current state, it would be of no use to other people, except to be cannibalized for parts, which would be a sad ending. aaj says its OK (its either I twisted his hand, or I sweet talk him to give permission), so painstakingly it was rebuilt.

Sourced parts from Bro Amir's place, Scotty slowly became complete. Repaired the handlebar, upgraded the fork to a carbon one (it absorbs the vibration better) and rebuilt the front tire, with a new rim and hub. FD and crankset were next, and Bro Amir gives me one of his old brake calipers to complete the assemble.

Once rebuilt, Scotty became one of my choice of transport. With aaj, Man and some other people, we rode on weekdays and weekends. There is this stretch of road, in front of the faculty which would see all of us sprinting furiously towards the end of a workout for the bragging right till the next workout. Or the long hill which preceded a fast descent near Kinabalu. Or a 5 hour weekend ride to the airport and back.

Fast forward mid 2008, lets ride again Scotty...


Old River said...

ok ok, next week i will get back my scotty too.. then we will start again... this time we will be, fat-me, hard-lei. i'll asked man to get a bike, we will ride again.....

aaj with different name

Enche Bon said...


Boss nak amik Scott kat mana? Bandar Ikan Patin ke kat Serambi Mekah? Saya mana ada training Boss, tapi kalau nak ride dekat2 boleh la. Round2 Putrajaya pon OK, tapi nak kalau ride pi Ijok, tak dapek la nak tolong...