Monday, July 07, 2008

Irnie & Rizan

On Sunday, I went to Sijangkang for Irnie's wedding reception. Some of her colleagues had went earlier, so I tagged along with her boss, big, his family and another carload of colleagues. As I had been to her house before, I was designated unofficial navigator.

We moved out at a quarter after noon, and it was a smooth drive. The map on her invitation card is straightforward enough, even though the usual noticeboard by the roadside was absent. Unfortunately, the small kampong road make it hard for cars to pass especially when some people indiscriminately park on both the roadside.

The theme was green (hmm..) and we arrived well before the 'bersanding' ceremony, and Irnie was resplendent in her green Javanese inspired outfit. But for me, as usual, the food first :) The spread was good, especially the roast chicken (freshly roasted), the 'gulai ikan masin dengan nenas' matched with salted eggs. And, not to forget, the 'pecal'. And the 'kudap-kudap'. And the tapai.

The groom look handsome in his green outfit (minus the sarong, as he wore 'seluar melayu'), and both of them look 'sama cantik, sama padan'. Anyway, the group manage to snap some pictures with the bride and groom just before we make our way back after the delicious lunch. Thank you again Irnie for the goodie bags.

Tahniah kepada pasangan pengantin baru, Irnie & Rizan :) Semoga kalian berdua akan berbahagia hingga akhir hayat, dan dikurniakan ramai cahayamata...

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