Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Today, it was raining heavily on my way to work. Good thing that I only planned to cycle on alternate days, so I'm driving to work today. The rain became heavier as I reached SJK, and visibility was low. So, its slow driving then.

Suddenly I saw one car with the hazard lights flashing, moving quite slowly. Hazard lights are used to warn other motorist of possible danger, be it a stalled car on the emergency lane or some other emergency, and I don't think (I could be wrong) that car in particular are having any problem other than just being slow.

Except maybe, the driver is unsure of herself driving in such condition, and wanted to warn everybody that she is not that good a driver (yet). stay away! Its just misleading, unfortunately. If in doubt, just switch on your lights so other drivers could see you from either the front or the back.

So, if you are NOT in any hazardous situation, do not use the hazard lights. Aiyoh!

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