Saturday, July 05, 2008

Express Lane is for...

...less that ten items.

Most hypermarket would have a few counters that caters for customers who have less than ten items to pay called the express lane. So, me and you, who just buy a few items would not be queuing behind the 'makciks' that have two trolley full of groceries, tv, foodstuffs, and everything under the sun.

A few days back I was at one of these markets and were just going to pay for 5 items when i realised that the lane I'm in is not moving. Luckily the next (normal) lane is opening, so some of us moved across. 

Hmm, as i was waiting to pay, only then I realised, that the so called express lane is being held up by a 'makcik' with her trolley full of items to pay. Aiyoh, its already written in BOLD there that it is an express lane AND only for ten items or less. But the makcik (and hubby) acts nonchalantly, treating the lane as if its a normal lane.

Whats so hard to understand about 'express lane'? Some people are just plain inconsiderate (and clueless?)

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