Friday, July 04, 2008

I huff and huff, and puff and puff...

Okay, this morning ride to office was good, other than the fact that I broke a spoke on my front wheel and close to being chased by a dog. I thought that in all likeliness I most probably will break a spoke in the rear wheel, due to I'm being 11kg heavier than when I'm uni, but apparently while going downhill the (extra) weights are actually over the front wheel. So, I broke a spoke, but arrived safely at the office.

By the way, i rode alone today as CH had something else to do, and suggested we ride together on Monday. Sure, no problem. Felt good arriving early in office, take my bath and starts to work. Little do I know that getting home would require slightly more than hard work.

I took a different route home, knowingly over undulating terrain. That is an understatement. I was tortured in the early part of the trip, and tortured I was. I even need to use the biggest gear, to get over one steep 800m strip, a 4.5% gradient. I almost slowed down to 6kmh at the top. That just show what terrible shape I am currently in.

All in, it took me 45 mins to be home, just in time to rush my front wheel to the bike shop :)

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