Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lets ride then...

I've always wanted to cycle to work, but always finding excuses not to do it. From the distance (I live 20km away from office), the weather (it is still dark at 7am) or I need to run some errands later while in office, so the idea stays as that, just an idea.

I used to cycle to uni from home, a 36km trip 72km return) a few times a week a couple years back. My weekends usually filled with long rides, most of the time alone, up to 120km, say, from home to the airport and back, so i know its doable but its easier to find excuse not to do it now, hehe.

The recent price hike might be the push needed to take up cycling again, to work out and as a way to commute to work. So, when I ran into a colleague, CH, cycling to work a few days back (who stays near where i live), its only natural for me to jump on the bandwagon (or rather onto my saddle).

So after thinking about it, rather than cycle daily to work (eventually i plan to do that), lets start with cycling on alternate days, ie Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and try to have one long recovery workout over the weekend. That seems doable for the next few month.

So, lets go cycling then :)

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