Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Snippets from Key-are-ra

Snippets from Kiara

AIM - To reinforce and expand expertise by aiming for 50% staff member to have post graduate qualification by 2012.

-There is two way to do this, either by increasing opportunity to further study OR fire everybody till we get the proposed percentage. Unfortunately, the second choice is the easier of the two to do, and require less money...

Quote. "We need to get the spine right, straightened up to get things moving..."

-Has it ever occur that maybe the spine has scoliosis? Who knows...hehehe :)

In one of the sessions, the participants are asked to wish unconditionally to the person sitting next to them.

-To wish unconditionally to others in retrospect is actually an exercise of wishing the same for ourself, as a form of positive reinforcement

Later, the participants are asked to tell the person sitting in front of them of at least three good things about that person (and will be told the same in return), and for the next person, and the next in succession

-It allows us to evaluate what and how we actually project ourself to others, while looking at ourself from other people's point of view. We would definitely know whether we have been successful in putting up a good facade/mask all this while.

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