Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scotty and his deflated ego...

Scotty is one proud bike. He might not be the prettiest, has no high end componentry, not the most technological or leanest around (even Nicks MTB would weight less than Scotty) but he is proud of what he has become after what he had gone through. 

In all Scotty has gone more than 9K on the road, had been lugged everywhere (on bus/train/car and plane), in short he had led a colorful life. Unfortunately yesterday, he was inflicted another wound. He failed in getting the rider (that is me of course) to the destination.

On my way home, 6km into the ride, Scotty was brought down by a screw. Of the steel kind. Gotten over that big hill (feeling good about it) and coasting through before the screw struck Scotty (actually Scotty ran over the screw, hehe). The screw fight back, and before long, Scotty was out of air and bruised. The rest they say, is history.

Actually, I could do an emergency resuscitation of Scotty, but as it is getting darker at 1920 hrs, I called for backup. I was rescued by a friend 20 minutes after that. So once proud Scotty was hauled into the car, only to share his place with a baby stroller. With his ego deflated (and the tire too).

Editor's note: this incident happen on 16th July and yup, its an old story. As of today, Scotty is still in its deflated state. Maybe next week, i'll work on him.

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