Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The only constant in life is change.

It has been more almost two month since the 41% fuel price hike. The drastic price hike meant that some changes were needed. Even the government are calling for lifestyle changes(?) in dealing with the hike. Unfortunately, it sets of a domino effect of sort. 

With the increase of fuel price, almost everything from transportation, food, services have in some way affected. The public transportation company are now pushing for fare hike, food cost a wee bit higher these days with some services costing more as an indirect effect of the fuel price hike.

Me? Try to drive lesser to work (and cycle instead), less eating out session, bring my own food to work (like to think of it as the healthier choice), driving around as economical as possible (no unnecessary acceleration and braking, constant speed and less air-con). Hey, we're trying to make the transition as painless as we can. A full tank used to cost not more than 70 dollars, now its closer to 120. Something has to give, somewhere.

So how have we change in the mean time?

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