Tuesday, July 01, 2008

M.U.D.S 2008

MUDS is back.

A few years back, when I was in Uni, I use to participate in a few sporting activities, either recreationally or internationally (rowing, that is). I would love to do triathlons, but the sheer knowledge that I cannot swim put that aspiration on hold.

So as an alternative, I started to do duathlons. Its basically triathlons without swimming, with two running leg and a bike leg in between. Malakoff used to organise these series either as an open series or university ones, but it was scaled down in the recent years to only the Powerman series (which I'm not fit enough to be in).

So when I open my email today and there are announcement that Malakoff is starting its duathlon series (albeit a university ones), the heart started pumping again. And as it also open for public, its time to bring out The Bike again, and clean all the cobwebs. This year MUDS is to be held at The National Uni on the 19th, my alma mater the week after and National Defence Uni the following weekend. And maybe continued till Powerman?

So Coach, feel like riding a duathlon again? Jom la. Hmm, just where do I put my helmet?


AAJ said...

My bike is ready infront of my house, my helmet is ready in my working room, my gloves and attire are ready too, but i'm not ready. Wish there will be an sprint event at the KL Velodrome for 600m only, where 100kg of body weight would be an advantage....

Enche Bon said...

A body at rest, tend to stay at rest while a body in motion, tend to stay in motion.

To move a 100kg mass requires a lot of energy, to stop 100kg of mass moving at 15m/s would require a lot of energy. To finish that 600m in a respectable time would require a lot of energy.

We sure do need to train la, Hard-Lei...

Fat-me, all 100kg of me