Wednesday, July 02, 2008

As we step forward...

After waiting for almost a year, we finally welcome the newest addition to The Centre. Over the years, we lost four experienced staff, with the latest casualty, in late April after an unsuccessful negotiation.

While turnover of staffs are nothing new in any organization, the 'lost of expertise' by the departure of highly experienced staffs are something The Center could do without. In all, between them, they have almost 25 years of experience.

In meeting the new staffs, they are encouraged to speak up, not be afraid to ask questions and share their thoughts. While the current education system do not seem conducive to proactive learning, I do think some of our youngsters just need a push in the right direction.

Hopefully we can instill in the new staffs a culture of high performance, whether in service, research (which I need to be more involved in rather than administration) and learning (from our expert colleagues) while they are here, while pursuing this field as a career and not just as a job.

To the new addition to The Center, WELCOME ABOARD!

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