Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Its not a yellow box for nothing

As I was driving back today, I was reminded of another one of my peeves. Those who do not give one (or two) hoot about the (traffic) yellow box, and stopped in the box without any consideration (or guilt) for other people.

HELLO! You are prohibited to stop in the yellow box as to not obstruct traffic, be it at an intersection, traffic lights or where flow of traffic are not to be hindered. So, it pisses me off when my path are blocked by another car which idiotically stopped in the yellow box even if the yellow box is supposed to be kept clear.

The best things is, dah la buat salah, lepas tu buat-buat pandang depan pulak as if orang tak nampak dia dalam kereta tu. What do you actually hope to achieve in the yellow box? Buat marah dek orang je. Aiyoh!!

Next time, please respect other people's right of way and not just think of your selfish self.

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