Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sometimes the best solution...

In the morning, as I make my way to office, usually the traffic will resemble a crawl at one specific intersection. For two weeks, I need to wake up at 6am as the jam would require me to be on my way to office before 7am.

My first impression of the jam is that, its most probable cause is due by the sheer high volume of office/school bound vehicle, and the 'inconsiderate queue cutters' who have no consideration whatsoever for other people, as if ONLY their time is valuable. 

A two lane road somehow became three at the traffic light, while additional vehicle from housing estate make the lanes became four (mostly five) car wide after the traffic light, and within 100m, the cars would need to weave into one single lane going down the hill to another traffic light. 

Somehow after the second traffic light, its usually a clear drive to town. Anyway, my assumption that the high volume + inconsiderate drivers are THE cause of the traffic jam was squashed one day when I experienced an easy drive to office. it made me thinking, what actually caused the traffic jam in the first place?

The next day, I realised that its not the high volume of cars that actually caused the gridlock, its the traffic light down the road. The lights only allow a few cars pass each time, which do not tally with the high number of car driving through. So, the best solution is to station a policeman to manually direct traffic (and let more cars through from my direction)

So, for the past two weeks, it has been an easy morning drive to office. So, at times, the best solution might not be the most obvious choice.

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