Monday, June 30, 2008

I need (my) oil and my warning light are blinking!

This is what happen on the 4th of June, as I remembered it :)

The latest revision of oil price (and reduction of subsidy) caught the citizen by surprise, either in timing, implementation or quantum. Previously, the government assure us that the oil price will only be revised in August. So, when it was announced in the afternoon of June 4th, to be effective on the very next day, many sees it as an insensitive (and crazy?) move by the government.

The increase in quantum, as explained by The Leaders, is inevitable due to the spiraling price of the commodity on the free market. Unfortunately many citizen are fuming mad as the 92 cents (41%) increase in quantum is steeply surprising. Many would think that a gradual increase i.e 30 cents per revision over some time, could better prepare the citizen for the changes in lifestyle needed.

As the news spread like wildfire, everyone rushed to petrol stations to fill up before the new price came into effect at the stroke of midnight, resulted in long, no, make that very long queues at every petrol station. Everywhere you look, the situation is the same. 

Just my luck, my fuel tank is running empty (the warning lights are on) so naturally I make my way to the petrol stations. but, on seeing the (very) long queue everywhere, just gave up and goes straight back home.  Mana la tahu, tak pasal-pasal kereta mati tengah jalan sebab takde minyak, lagi naya. Disumpah dek orang je.. Belum kira bergaduh sebab ada yang cuba nak potong queue. Sumpah seranah jangan cerita la, berbakul-bakul.

So rather than trying to save some 30 dollars by 'trying' to fill my small car tank full before midnight, I would rather be sleeping at home. A friend who goes to a station to fill up, spends an hour in the car, inching towards the pump. That kind of stress, I could do without.

It makes me think, the powers-that-be who make this (insensible) decision DO NOT actually fill in their own petrol, so what do they know about how we, the citizen are coping?

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