Monday, June 30, 2008

Campeónes de Europa

The time is 4:42am, and I'm just finished watching the Finals of EURO 2008 between Joachim Loew's Germany and Senor Aragones' Spain. It was a hugely entertaining match, with both teams displaying attacking flair. In the end, Spain comes up tops, beating the Germans 1-0.

It seems that Germany lost the battle in the midfield (this observation came from a kaki bangku like me, hehe). Ballack and Co does not look convincing enough, while Senna, Xavi and Fabregas pull the strings for the Spaniards, pumping in ball after ball for Torres and the strikers.

Anyway, I do think staying up to watch football is a one off thing for me, highly unlikely to be a regular thing, hehe.. I'd rather watch basketball (patut la aku tengok bola, NBA dah habis...)

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AAJ said...

Dont worry, Jurgen Gobler said "most of the rowers, was not born with soccer ability, including the coach" hehehehe