Monday, June 30, 2008

The certainty of life (is death)

There is only two things certain in this world, tax and death.

Its funny that as we live our life (and living it to the fullest), we tend to forget that death is all around us. We are faced with death in the papers, telling of news from distant land of war, earthquake and diseases. Sometimes we are jolted by news of crime, flood and accidents nearer to home, that ends in death.

We often felt that we are invincible and indestructible that we forget that death could come on the very next instance, or crept in slowly, getting near with every breath taken. And more often than not, we are reminded of our own mortality when one near and dear are on a deathbed.

The mother of someone dear to me is currently in one of the specialist hospital, fighting for her life. She has end-stage cancer. I met Mama (thats what I call her) two years back, after hearing so much about this wonderful lady. At that time, she just had mastectomy.

Sis is taking it hard seeing Mama fighting for dear life. Even though she knows that sooner or later, she would have to let go, she confided that its easier said than done. Seeing Mama suffer tears her apart, and she's not sure whether she would be able to go through life without mama's wisdom to guide her.

Dear Sis, hang in there and be strong, with God's willing. make her as comfortable as possible and pray for the best as life and death is God's prerogative, and only He knows best.

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