Saturday, June 28, 2008

A sticker do not maketh a person

As i was driving to work this morning (I do work on weekend sometimes), I was caught in a jam at the usual place. Most probably its caused by the traffic light down the hill (and no traffic police manning the traffic flow over the weekend).

As I was stuck, i saw a car adorned with a few sticker about spca, which is an animal shelter, and i thought to myself, there are still a lot of compassionate people out there. After all, God asks us to be kind to all, not only human. These people must be animal lovers, I opined.

So, as we inches forward, and the many lanes of cars are coming to a single lane, suddenly, i was overtaken on the wrong side by the animal lover car, zooming forward without any signals indicating its intent. WTF! 

Cheh, it seems that animal lover DO not have that much respect for fellow human. Sia-sia je letak sticker macam tu. 

1 comment:

AAJ said...

It must be they love the animal too much. So it unveal the animal side of them or in malay 'kebinatangan'. hehehe