Friday, June 13, 2008

XII National Games

We have the tendency to build good sports facility, especially for international, regional or national sporting events, The National Games are held once every two years, and this year its in their 12th edition, at the new City of KT.

I was part of The Office team to go there, not on scientific capacity, more as an observer. The limited number of rooms available, means that we are lucky enough to have a bungalow to call our base. I was only there for two days, due to some urgent matters at home, but it was good visit.

The Main sports complex was huge, easily 7-8 stories high at its highest point, more or less modeled after the S.Alam stadium complex, with a nearby indoor stadium for gymnastics among other. The main stadium has a 48 lanes bowling alley and squash courts in its 'belly' to make it a multi sports complex.

Anyway, while I was there, the contractors are busy putting the finishing touch on the running lanes, jumps area and also electronics. It seems like a rushed job, and heard that it still hasn't certified by the world body and no test event has been run there prior to the Games. Quite surprising, but then again the organisers do plan a dry run a day before the competition due to start.

Anyway, two of the thing that came to mind are, the massive maintenance work needed for the sports complex and whether the sports complex (and its facilities) will be fully utilised after the Games. That, we'll just have to wait and see :)

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