Saturday, June 14, 2008

BYFTO Day (Bring Your Family To Office Day)

Learned from Imah, that the proposed Family Day trip in July to Tiara PD has been cancelled. The reason? Budgetary constraint. Now its going to be held as a Family Day/Sports Carnival event at the field near... The Office. What?!!

IMHO, even if we are experiencing budget constraint, lets go to somewhere else BUT please, do not to hold the event at The Office. Anywhere but The Office. We could even go to Cerakah or even FRIM. Its near enough, but its definitely a change of scenery from The Office.

Even if we want to hold a sports carnival, FRIM has a field to cater to that. It has canopy walkway, an arboretum and a river runs thru it for the nature lover in all of us. who knows we could get the younger generation to be interested in nature.

Maybe I should get more info about FRIM and share with The OC. Maybe I should just do that. 

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