Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Level 2 Brainstormers

In my line of work, its not unusual to have working weekends due to the fact that most sporting event are held over the weekend. But last weekend, I was in Malacca, not for a sporting event but for a brainstorming kind.

It was a Level 2 course, and the CC are finalising the curricula. As I was there in Level 1 last year, i was again invited, which later I realise the real reason behind my invite. It seems that CC are unable to secure Dr Khairi for the pow wow, so I was there with Dr Ong (who never went to Level 1) to try and make sense of the half completed Level 2 notes by Dr Khairi.

It started slowly, as my partner is a bit lost as he has never been to a pow wow before but as we're finishing, with help from our motor learning neighbour, we manage to finish at least 70% of task at hand. Reminds me that translating someone else's work is never easy, especially if its from the national language to English. And our national language is NOT Dr Ong's mother tongue either, so its a hit and miss approach of sort. And to translate scientific term some more?

Anyway, currently I'm helping my partner to finish the last few parts of Level 2, translating two set of questions into our national language. Hope it'll be done by tonight. Cant wait to attend the Level 2 course on the 23-25th June, especially the part that we help compile.

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