Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Puteri Resort, we bid adieu :)

Puteri Resort is a nice place actually. It has a big swimming pool, a kids pool, wading pool, jacuzzi, a playground, a tennis cum basketball court and even an obstacle course.

The rooms are big enough and the TV channels are adequate, with sports, movies and kids satellite channel. One of my favorite things (and its not necessarily food) is they have wifi, even if its only at the lobby. On most of my trips, the availability of access to world wide web always ranks highly in my choice of hotels, be it local or overseas. So in a way, this resort scores up there (and the access is quite fast, another bonus point)

The spread at the Coffee House are varied enough, and the dessert corner would be a hit with the patrons, especially with ABCs and free flowing ice creams. The salad bar are a bit out of the way, but its worth visiting as with the noodles section. The Mee Bandung are good. No wonder, coupled with a reasonable room rate, and good corporate package, its almost always full (at least while I'm there).

Some of the pics taken at Puteri Resort, Air Keroh...

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