Sunday, June 08, 2008

Puteri Resort Part II (visits and more visits)

Due to staying up late last night, I almost overslept. Nasib baik tak miss breakfast :) The usual hotel fare but somehow the hash browns are soggy. Alamak, baru nak puji the place for their many spreads.

Anyway, last night called Angel, just to check whether she's in town, so we could hang out. Somehow i totally forgot that she broke her leg a few weeks back, so it seems that a courtesy visit is in order. She also told me that Marsh' baby is also at the hospital due to fever. Definitely two visit later this evening.

After the afternoon session, make my way to town. Actually, I plan to go during lunch break, but decided against it as there are too many cars on the road (don't want to miss any of the brainstorming session, konon) and too short a time.

Upon reaching Malacca GH, call Marsh and check with her the exact location. Hey, its just my luck that I'm allowed to go into the Nursery and see the baby. Somehow the lady at the counter think that I'm related to Marsh. A'qila Izzara(h) is recovering and she sleeps well (she's on her best behaviour, according to Marsh).

After spending some time there (actually I was chased away by the counter lady), make my way to Ujung Pasir, to look for Taman Sinn. Somehow Angel is not too knowledgeable about her Taman, ended up making a few rounds baru la jumpa rumah dia.

Angel is still in crutches, but her operations would are healing nicely. We talked for a while (in a hushed tone) as her mother do not know the exact cause of her injury, she told her mum that its an office accident. Haiyyo! Only could spend a short time there, but at least I managed to visit both Angel and Marsh (and baby A'qila) during my stay there.

Get well soon all of you... (err, we miss your comments at the forum, Marsh)

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