Saturday, June 07, 2008

Puteri Resort Part I

I am in Malacca this weekend for a pow wow with the experts in the field but not going to talk about that, thats too boring. At least, the place we're staying are nice, quite cheap and have nice facilities for the kids and adults too.

I reached there a quarter after 8pm, expecting things to already started but it seems that most of the scientist have not arrived yet and the briefing will only be held at 9pm. Checked in, learned that I'll have the room to myself (should have brought significant other along), met Along at the lobby and he told me to have dinner first. Ceh, already ate along the way thinking that I'll be late. Rugi, rugi!!

Check our the coffee house, not too bad other that its packed. Puteri Resort, Air Keroh seems to be a popular choice for either a corporate course, pow wow or just a family gathering. the food was OK, they even have fried crabs... unfortunately, I was full already (actually I couldn't find an available seat. Hhhmrrppphhh! Go upstairs, freshen up and get ready for the briefing.

Apparently they have wifi at the lobby, so guess where I'll be lepaking? The briefing is short, due to somehow the CC fellas forgot to bring the projector. So where else, the lobby it is. Unfortunately, some other patron managed to get hold of the karaoke system and preceded to butcher some clasic/rock/oldies/pop songs. Me and Along can't help to be Randy and Simon that night...

With wifi at the lobby, i finally retire to bed at almost 2am...

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