Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If you don't attend

If you're absent from a meeting, chances are some people will make a decision for you.

Most of the time, I will make an effort to attend all of the meeting that I need to attend either in my management, research, professional or my personal capacity.

It seems that this morning I need to attend a meeting with regards to a forthcoming international conference in April. The institute has been invited to talk about how we apply our specific know-how into the preparation of elite athletes. The meeting was supposed to discuss on the content of the keynote address, as we need to project that our work is basically integrated in nature.

Unfortunately for me, I was stuck with the Admin Director as I was passing over some documents to the Admin office. She chanced upon me, and invited me for a chat. Our chat revolves around day to day operations, to the expat staffs and overall views on the future of the institute. And I totally forgot about the former meeting.

Once I got back to office, Barry came over to my room, smiling, and commented that I should have been present in the meeting. Querying him on the reason, he answered that my name has been suggested to be the person to deliver the keynote address on our approach to elite athletes. Ouch! The meeting was of the opinion that a local might be the best candidate to deliver it, rather than an expat consultant. So its going to be me, and Leesa.

Bab also came and spoke to me about it. Prof R whom I meet later also said that he feels that me and Leesa would be the best person, to pull it together. I thank them for the opportunity and trust, and I hope I could do justice to the task given. After all, its all in a days work :)

A note to myself. Need to attend all those kind of meetings.

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