Saturday, March 22, 2008

My, my, my... what a surprise

You can never know what you could/will find on the Net

When I'm bored, sometimes I have an inquisitive streak. What I like to do is to search or Googled word such as places, phrases and even names. It could either go both ways, sometimes its a dead end but at times, could give an inkling of what happen to an old friend, familiar places or just, news.

In order to know how famous my (old) friends are on the Net or what are they doing now, I googled their name. And my, my, my, was I in for a surprise. On one of the pages, it was written as her solemnization photos. What? She's married? Clicked on the link, and was directed to a page, full of the solemnization photos and outdoor shoot.

Called her, and she confirms the news, although she was surprised that I learnt about it through the Net. It was a small, family affair she says, as it was flooding out east and she's pressed for better timing. Work will occupy their (hers and her husband) time till early March, where she will hold the reception. She will definitely inform me of that March do, she assured me as we ended our conversation.

Last Wednesday, I had a call from her inviting me to her reception on the very next day. She is still in KL as she called me and will be driving back that night itself as she were not on leave. Thankfully, she's on leave on Friday, so she'll have a long weekend. Of course I would be honored to attend.

She look resplendent in her wedding dress, and the groom looks dashing. Its (most probably) just a 'makan' do, as she told me, she's a bit hesitant for the whole 'bersanding' thingy. Helena was there too, the perpetual twins, and she looks ravishing in her pinkish 'baju kurung'. Really missed hanging out with both of them :)

Congratulations to Masaida and Hakasha. Here's to a wonderful married life.

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