Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Election Aftermath II

So its going to be a new minister after all

The recent election aftermath saw a reshuffle of The Coalition cabinet. Even though The Coalition won, but with only a simple majority, it saw a shrinking number of possible candidate to go by. The shocking loss of some senior ministers in the election means that for once there are more posts on offer that there are qualified and suitable people to fill it.

Pre-election assumption puts DZH as the most probable candidate to head the ministry, in place of DSA. At some juncture, the name of The SIL has also cropped up as a possible candidate, but we are of the opinion that it would be a suicide if that were to happen. So its best to wait for the election...

Post election. With the smaller number of winning candidates to go through, some modification needs to be made. Some ministries are combined, the post of SUPA are abolished among the steps taken. Then yesterday, came more shock. A number of senior cabinet minister who WON had been sidelined from the new Cabinet. Why? Only AAB knows

In the end, a new person is entrusted to spearhead the ministry forward. Welcome aboard, Sir, we hope to be able to work with you towards the nations sporting excellence.

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