Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kat mana? Glomac Square?

Yesterday, we met for the 2nd time. Some of us are working, so we set it later in the day. Numerous email and calls were made, to set up the time AND place. We wanted to be fair to everyone, so we try to pick a rendezvous point, and will rotate in the week to come. For this week, its in KJ.

As I was going to be a bit late, I called a few of the quorom. After work, i rushed to KJ and I was among the first to reach KJ, Kell and Masz join me a short while later. We look around for a place quiet and spacious enough for (all of) us. Angel called, to confirm the place. She went to the place across the road. Called Meni, she'll be there soon enough as her office is a stone throw away. Pet is the next one to arrive.

Discussion starts with what else, food. We had lotsa laksa, black pepper fried rice, bubur pulut hitam, french fries and many glasses of teh tarik, teh o suam and ais, juices, air kosong and black coffee. Then it started to rain heavily, but the discussion remains hot and furious. We watched videos of 'The Chair' and 'Merong' performances and more discussion ensued.

Its almost 630pm and Prez was nowhere to be seen. Called him, and he was just getting out of office, on the way to KJ. The consensus, we'll wait for him if he's coming. Discussion continues, and issues identified. We'll wait for Prez to get his views on certain matters. Around 715pm he whizzed pass, and went to the place across the road. Ceh.

Eating and drinking continued, discussion on our project interspersed with politics. Pet got the brunt of it, when he declared his choice at the recent polls. But, we manage to decide on a matter of things, and everyone understands the commitment needed for this project and constraint on time it may pose. Kell is in the thick of things, delegating responsibility. Prez is busy eating his fish, Masz itching to go home. Angel needs to go back and study while Meni offers to disseminate info thru the Net.

So, 'The Chair' it is, we'll come up with a tentative schedule till 'D-Day' for everyone's benefit. Til next weekend guys and gals, have a productive week ahead :)

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