Monday, February 04, 2008

What would you do on a hot Sunday afternoon?

Weekends are usually filled with attending weddings. Most events starts serving food at 11am to 4pm, with the bride and groom slated to come for the main event, the 'bersanding' at around 1.30 or 2pm, and its not uncommon to have to attend more than one wedding on any given Sunday. Yesterday was Pendek's bersanding ceremony, but we decided to attend another distant cousin wedding earlier in the morning, on the other side of town first.

Younger brother had gone out earlier to fetch his fiancee, and we were to rendezvous on the way. The weather is getting hot and the thought of a cold drink would be heavenly. Suddenly, Father quipped, "Nak singgah minum cendol?" as if reading my mind. Mother nods in agreement. "Yus won't be ready so soon, right?" I added. So its agreed, cendol it is. And where else are we to have our cold, refreshing bowl, if not "Cendol Leman Dawi'.

For all my existence, I have heard of this famous 'cendol'man, but I haven't had the chance to savor his special cendol. To the uninitiated, cendol is a popular Malaysian dessert in which strands of green cendol (starch noodles) are served in a cold, cold mixture of coconut milk, brown sugar syrup and shaved ice.

What's so special about Cendol Leman Dawi is that his servings are quite huge AND your next or extra helpings are free of charge. FREE? Not only that, he also serves barley drinks (also free of charge), and you can even 'tapau' for your friends, all of it on the house. Now, thats a powerful marketing tool. Who could say no to freebies?

Mother says the owner, En Leman Dawi can be a bit odd, and at time talk incessantly to his customers. He memorizes some geographical information on the states of Malaysia and some sort of an entertainer. That aside, his 'cendol' sells very fast and as at 12noon, there are at least 30 customers at his new location in Sg Gadut R&R, Seremban. He now occupies all 5 stalls there.

Not bad for someone who starts circa 2001, with just a small stall along the Rembau-Seremban road.


Paus Biru said...

Alamak! Looks so yummy. Especially since my favourite cendol guy has finally retired... I'll check it out the next time I drive south. Ta!

Marissa said...


I luv cendol lebih2 lagi di hidang dengan "ais sagat" not the "Ais ketul"..

anyway... slurrrp... giler sedap!