Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blood is always thicker than water

As I was walking with Mother, she asked me a question, a matter of factly.
"Masa pergi rumah Induk Kecik Hari Raya hari tu, anak-anak Induk buat tak tahu je kat awak ye?" She posed, "Mak Tih yang kata macam tu. Ye ke?"

I take a second to answer. "Ala Mak. Macam biasa je. Takde apa la" Choosing my word carefully, "masa Induk dan Pak Ali datang hari tu, hormat macam biasa. Maybe diaorang (my cousins) tak biasa kot, lagipun dah lama tak jumpa". Mother nods her head. " Tak menjadi kudis pun, kalau diaorang tak tegur saya", I added.

It reminds me that as much as things have gotten better between Mother and her in-laws, her relationship remained strained with Induk and her children. Mother was hurt when my cousins chose to ignore her at Rozi's wedding, and were not invited to any of my cousins wedding. Mother really adored them because she doesn't have a daughter of her own.

I was a bit disappointed that they treated Mother like that. I have never coldly ignore Induk or Pak Ali, because Mother had always instilled in us to respect our elders. When Mother had a tiff with Grandma and Pak Uda, she insists that its only her who have problems with them, not us. Grandma is still my Grandma, and Pak Uda is still Mother's brother.

Whatever happen, you can be rest assured Mother, that you have taught us well and we will always respect the elders, however bad they have wronged you. Why should we stoop to their level? Let them be a bit awkward to have kindness showered on them after all the hostility. Would that not be more ironic?

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Paus Biru said...

Sabar ajelah. There's too many who are willing to pass judgement without knowing all the facts. It will pass.