Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wedding bells

Nowadays, wedding are no longer held exclusively during school holidays. 
It seems like every weekend we will stumble upon a wedding or two somewhere. Where weddings are concerned, anytime is a good time it seems :) The next three weekend, two of my cousin will be married.

Last night was Pendek's (this is his nickname, really) solemnization event in Seremban. we were told that it will be held after 'Maghrib' prayers at the 'surau' near the bride's house. I was stuck in KL and were only making my way back to SMKA around 550pm. Mother was furious as youngest brother had left earlier, and in anticipating heavy traffic to Seremban, planned to go at 600pm. Miscommunication it seems, as I thought Mother will be going with youngest brother to the event.

Driving in excess of the highway speed limit, i managed to reach SMKA at 635pm, and radioed Mother ahead so that I do not need to wait too long. At 645, we make our move and knowing that it'll take only another 20 mins to Seremban exit, I drive slightly below speed limits, as the roads were wet due to a downpour. We reached the bride's place, negotiate traffic jams (I don't know why its always jammed up in Seremban) and the fact that I have never been to the place, manage to reach there by 'Maghrib'.

After prayers, we were wondering where are the others? All of us are supposed to wait here. A few phone calls later, it seems that it is postponed until after 'Isyak'. What are we supposed to do? Just wait it seems. Nearing 'Isyak', our relatives starts trickling in. Almost all my uncles and aunties managed to find the place (well, they did came for the engagement earlier). I saw Pendek there. Fairus is there too. All must be well, or so I thought.

Suddenly, it is learned that Pak Tih has not arrived yet. A few frantic call were made as everyone is already there. It seems that the dowry and 'hantaran' is with Pak Tih, hence the solemnization could not go on without him, hehehe. Fairus were instructed by Pendek to look for them but unfortunately his car is blocked in. The clock is ticking, and the 'imam' is already there. Its a bit awkward as almost everyone's there, but it could not be started yet.

I offered to look for Pak Tih and instructed Fairus to get into my car. Mak Tih called to inform that they had stopped at one place, which i'm familiar with. We fetch Pak Tih's car, and without another delay, managed to get him to the 'surau' in one piece. Its almost 9.20pm and everybody's getting restless. The solemnization went well and at 945pm, Pendek is officially someone's husband.

The funny thing is, Pak Tih went to the loo, and misses the solemnization.

Congratulations Fadzli and Nurul on your wedding.

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