Monday, September 24, 2007


One of the many perks of fasting is (supposedly) weight loss. But, i would beg to differ. For some people, rather than losing weight, they tend to put on weight instead. How? Aren't we supposed to fast and refrain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk?

That is exactly what happen for the past two years. Each puasa month, instead of losing weight, i ended up gaining some weight. Ceh! Macam mana ini bisa terjadi? The answer is easy. The problem lies not with fasting itself, but rather during breaking of fast.

As I was entering the working world, puasa month (for the past two years at least) has been the chance of sorts to catch up with my ex colleagues, schoolmates, uni mates and old acquaintances (throw in an ex girlfriend or two). And these buka puasa do usually takes places at a hotel or coffee house rather than a mamak stall. And these places have... buffets. Aahhhh...

By nature, i dont like to waste food so as there are food around (endless) I ended up eating more than I should. Hmm, change of tactics... should be taking a bit only of the food on display. That also backfired, due to the fact that there are so many different choices of food available at these places, I ended up taking a little of many, many things... Ceh!

Err, going back to my hometown every weekend also contribute to the weight gain. I just can't say no to Mum's cooking, hehehe... The picture on the left, is the normal spread at Mum's for buka puasa. Under the green tudung saji (bottom left), there are at least 3-4 types of food (2 meat, 1-2 vege)

This year I have refrained from attending any makan-makan do (if I can help it). As of the 14th day of fasting, I have only went to ONE buka puasa do, which is unavoidable actually due to its work related (hosted by my big,big boss). So far so good. Have only set aside one more day for buka puasa, on the 6th for a reunion do with my unimates.

Will keep updating on my weight (loss or gain?)...

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Marissa said...


Masihkah degan masakan mak? why not masakan isteri? ehehehhe..

well. me gaining my weight too... ahaks..