Thursday, September 27, 2007

Going up or coming down?

This is my weight on the 20th of September, after one week of puasa. Hmm, has not been moving up or down that much... maybe my body is adjusting to the fasting month nicely :)

This is my weight on the very next day. Not too bad, but most probably its just the loss of water from my body. Hey, during my international duties a few years back, I can lost 1.5kilos (of water) in a day..

This is taken on the morning of 25th September. I do not expect the numbers to go down that fast due to the fact that I was back in my hometown over the weekend. Can't say no to Mum's food that is, hehe :) ..

Pics taken on 26th September. Apparently it only registers a 50grams reduction in my weight. Hehehe, I do have a viable explanation for this. Yesterday evening, 25th September, I was summoned to a breaking of fast do somewhere near my office. Could not say no, due to the fact that its work related. Hosted by my big, big boss. So, with buffet available, favorite food some more, teh tarik etc, its no wonder I overstayed there, hehehe...

Will catch up soon. BMI is 26.6. Need to go down some more.

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