Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pintu oh Pintu

On Friday evening usually I'd make my way to my hometown, which most of the time would mean a bus ride home. I got the seat numbered 3, right behind the driver. Hmm, not really my preferred seat but well, i cant choose really as it was the last bus out. Luckily, the bus was half full so I got both seat on my row for myself.

Suddenly, up walked a sweet young thing, clad demurely in blue baju kurung with small floral print, seated on the other side. We exchanged glances and polite smile (thats about it actually). Anyway, the journey starts normally and uneventful. Ho-hum... and as usual, the engine drone is quickly drowned by my snoring, hehehe...

Then, somewhere after a small town, the bus slows down, as someone is getting down. As I open my eyes, hey, its that beautiful girl getting down. She catches me glancing at her, and we again exchanged smiles. As she was standing up ready to step down, lo and behold, the bus door refuse to open. The driver tries again and again, releasing the hydraulic/pneumatic pressure and all, but still the door refuse to budge.

The driver was stumped. According to him, the door has already been fixed. The girl was unsure of how to get down. The driver moved the bus a little bit more on the side and walked to the back. Everybody has the same question on their mind, how are they getting off the bus if the door is jammed?

From the back of the bus, the driver asks the girl if she could use the emergency exit to get off. Mind you, an express bus is quite high from the ground and the girl is clad in baju kurung. I can only wonder how she got down from the bus. Once she got down (somehow) we continue with our journey, but its evident the question on everyone's head, how are we getting off then? Are we going down the emergency exit too?

Not long after that, another guy wants to get off. The driver tried to open the door again. To everyone's delight, it works this time. The driver quips, 'Memang saje je la, nak jadi cerita tadi tu...'

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