Saturday, September 22, 2007


I heard some disturbing news at work a few days back. Its regarding one of my colleague and his boss. Actually, i have been hearing that he has been given the cold shoulder by his boss due to some misunderstanding at work. Well, to be fair, he has his own share of fault in the incident which leads to the deterioration of their professional relationship.

Their professional relationship has always been a bit strained. The boss has always been a slave driver and both of them are strong personalities in their own right. This friend of mine is no mere pushover too. If he saw something that not right, he would not hesitate to point it out, which at times put him at a loggerhead with his boss.

Well, unfortunately today, someone told me that the rumours that he heard is that the boss has actually gone up to higher ups and demand that the staff be sacked. Now, thats shocking. I would never thought that the relationship would deteriorate to that level.

If that is the case, it would be a sad thing. Knowing both of them personally, i do think that the matter has been blown out of porportion. I do hope what I've been told is just that, mere rumours. Hope that their professional relationship will be for the better...

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