Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mixed Bag

Today was a mixed bag at work. The day starts on a fast note, with me having a short discussion with the 9 MSU interns in my department just before catching my weekly management meeting (which btw, I foresee will be a loooong one). Need to monitor their progress, with this week being the last week they will be here. No real issues there. Hmm, I wonder whether its really a non-issue or its because they have problem grasping the concept?

The CH meeting was long. Well, we haven't had any meeting for the past 3 weeks with holidays and long absence of TSSP due to work and other commitment. Lots of things need to be trashed out. We started at 0830 and finally finished at 1100. A discussion with TSSP ensued on some equipment, staffing and attachment matter. Glad to get some feedback on them. It does clears up a lot of things. Need to work on Liepzig fast…

PSBC updated me on the Monash projects, then another discussion on the canoe research because PSB9 feels that MU intern did not make sense in his writing. Hahaha... thats a new one. I'm glad to be able to put everything under perspective.

I had an appointment with lecturers from MU at around 1330hrs. Hmm, I wonder why? They seemed like wanting to discuss something with me. Research? Work? Industrial training opportunity? Cheh, it seems that they need me to fill in another evaluation form on the MU intern, with regards to his soft skills.

Supposed to have another discussion with MSU interns at 1400 but it’s a no show by them. Hmm, I wonder if it has something to do with Oleg being here. Joe showed up at 1420 to discuss on tenpin proposed research. I let PSBC to discuss the details with him, and I drop in at some juncture, on and off. Looking back, what he actually wants to do is the same thing that I want to do earlier. Well, it just shows that great mind think alike, hehehe…

Wushu came up next at 1545, with a 3 camera feedback setup and at the same time trying to address some concern of high incidence of ACL injuries to the athletes of late. RedBeast shared maybe I should look into VMO as a cause rather than doing an inverse dynamics calculation of the torque on the knees to find the cause. Hmm, need to read up more on that…

Then IT happens. I have a flat tire. Hahahaha, life does throw a spanner in your plan once in a while

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