Sunday, March 11, 2007

Half a life ago

The picture was taken more than 17 years ago, when me and our rowdy bunch were 17. Looking back, life was much more simpler then. Its either you are the studious type, or the fun type. Me, I was on neither side, not the studious type nor the fun type. A bit of both really. Being in a boarding school, with friends from all over the country really opened my (our) eyes, to the differences of background, upbringing and culture.

My friends from KL are really good in English, while those who originated from the north and the east coast has their own dialect, which is a bit hard to comprehend at first. Our confidence level differs, partly influenced by our earlier education, those from town are seen more urban and , while some who came from the rural area, might find it a bit of a shock.

Being in our (early) teens, other than sports and friends, we start to view the opposite sex in a different light. Relationship blossomed from a seemingly innocent friendship, to sometimes taking a more serious note. Some of us experienced their first love story (cinta monyet kot?), as hormonal changes rules the day. I too was not spared by the love bug. But sometimes, it is better to conceal than to reveal...

Nonetheless, not all is play. We are the chosen few, hailed as the 'creme de la creme', which means academic excellence was the rule of the day. We carry with us on our young shoulder, the expectation of our parents, our people and the nation (hehehe, its a bit too nationalistic, I know). Unfortunately, the burden is too heavy to bear for some of us, and they fall along the way (I know some of my senior did...)

In the five years we were at the boarding school, all of us change, either mentally or physically, most both. I know I did. Along the way, I have seen the best and the worst of people. To some of them, I wonder whether I would ever forgive them for all the things done to me, but I guess life goes on. Most probably, I have forgiven them. 'To err is human, to forgive is divine...'

By the way, can you find me in the above picture?

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