Monday, February 12, 2007

Where Eagles Soar

Last weekend, it was made compulsory for us to attend a so called company get together, specially for our division. The timing was a little bit rushed as all of us wants the event done before CNY, so a couple of weeks beforehand was a hectic one for the organizing committee, with all the administration headache and logistical problems associated with such event.

In the end, 84 of us made it to the retreat. It was held in PD, at a resort run by one of the nations biggest GLC. It was a cool place actually, located at one of the more secluded places and private beaches (of sort) and surrounded by lush greenery all over. The program started immediately after we reached the resort, with what else, ice breaking and team formation. Yup, our division has grown quite a bit since I joined, so the management feels that this retreat is necessary. I do agree.

The rooms assigned to us is very good, we are housed in either 3 or 4 rooms apartment. Each room got their own bathroom, and aircond. The apartment has a kitchen and living room. The unit I got even has its own veranda, facing the hall where we have our activities. I don't mind having an apartment like this to actually live in, as a house, as its spacious enough for a small family. Hmm, have to start looking for something like it... hehehe

The program proceeded smoothly, except for the keeping to time aspect of it. We had a chance to get to know each other better, for me, especially to know my colleagues from Food Service. They are the ones who usually light up the kitchen, now we're sharing ideas, knowledge and creativity. We are locked in some kind of a competition over our three days there, from obstacle course to mascot building, from designing and securing aircraft contract up to game of paintball (the group favorite), we see the other side of our colleagues seldom seen.

Well, we manage won two prizes. For the team competition, our team got second place. Not too bad for a bunch who did not do too well in the obstacle course challenge, and have a slew of last place in total. For the individual Centers' presentation and show, surprisingly we got first. And to think that we only thought and discuss about the concept of the show 2 hours before going on stage, without any script and makeshift props. But then again, it could be due to our second show, which brings the house down. Talk about having creative colleagues... and I sure am glad that they are on my team.

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Paus Biru said...

Ilham is pretty nice, but the food there sucks! Ha ha. Congrats for winning :D