Monday, February 19, 2007

The question...

"Coach, why do we have go through all the heartache and heartbreak of meeting the wrong person all this while if we know one day we are fated to meet the One meant for us in our lifetime?"

A couple of years ago, someone asks me that question. She was my junior at school, one year younger. Not the most famous girl in the school but she had her fair share of admirers nonetheless, among them, two of my friend, Zul and Bad.

My close friend, Zul likes her very much while Bad just getting to know her better. All three of them crosses path ever so often, being close to each other. If its not for martial arts activity, its for some kind of club project. But then, two a company, three is a crowd. Unfortunately for Zul, she only think of him as an elder brother. When he learns of her decision, he was broken but bravely put on a smile and be professional about the whole thing. From that moment on their relationship has never been the same again. All is fair in love and war it seems.

I lost contact with all three of them after school. The years flew by. By chance, managed to get reacquainted with her a couple of years ago. Working as an executive in an automotive company, she is quite successful in her own right. But something is missing in her life it seems. Her other half. Then six month later, she called me and and happily shared the news that she is engaged to be married soon.

Apparently she has actually met that lucky guy before a few years back, but by then nothing happen between them. Either the chemistry was not there, or both of them are with somebody else. But earlier last year, they met again at a social function, became friends and soon, it developed further. Both of them falls in love, and the rest is history. But before she ends her call, she asks me the above question. And last night another female friend of mine asks me the same question over the phone.

"We could meet all the wrong person all this while so that when we finally met that special person, we would know deep down that he is the one meant for us..." was my answer to both of them.

"Men need lots of understanding and little love while women needs lots of love and little understanding"

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Paus Biru said...

What if someone 'feels' right even though they're obviously not? And going out with people you don't fancy is a bore ;p

Just hope I don't fall for my sugar daddy like I fell for someone I never intended to. Heh!